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Parks and Gardens in Bundi

Just a casual glance around and any tourist with a discerning eye will come to know the motive behind the architectural landscaping of Bundi in Rajasthan. The Parks in Bundi project an image of an oasis amidst the dreary arid vegetation growing wild in the vicinity. The lush expanse of grass provides much needed visual relief from the starkly contrasted stone walls of the ramparts and battlements towering over them. Apart from these, there are also a number of gardens in Bundi, which are a horticulturist’s delight, providing the ideal backdrop to the splendid architecture of the royal palaces and courts dotting the city. Here are a few of the popular parks and gardens in Bundi that are a must see.

Parks and Gardens in Bundi

Taragarh Fort Garden

The Taragarh Fort is a mini Bundi in itself, inside whose walls are wonders made in stone that would instantly transport you to the era in which the fort was constructed. However, the fort precincts are no less a marvel. As soon as you exit the Chitrashala, you find the surrounding grounds neatly divided into square patches of grass hemmed in by neatly trimmed bushes. There are walkways dividing the garden into a grid. If there is any location in Bundi where one would turn snap happy, this would be it, with the towering ramparts of the Taragarh Fort framing the view eloquently.

Kshar Bagh

The Kshar Bagh should be a part of your itinerary on the day you visit Sukh Mahal, because it is just a stone’s throw away. It is not as neat as the other gardens in Bundi, nonetheless the overgrowth lends an antique charm to this place. It is notable for the more than five dozen cenotaphs around the periphery and the carvings therein.

Dugari Bagh

Though not in the immediate vicinity, this garden, situated near Kanak Sagar-Dugari, is famous for its Sandalwood trees. Sandalwood is prized for its wood, which continuously gives off a sweet herbal scent that makes it one of the costliest woods to buy, pound for pound.

Parks and Gardens in Bundi

Terrace Garden, Sukh Mahal

What more could one possible ask for, with the pristine waters of the Jait Sagar, the plush yellow walls of the Sukh Mahal and the only beautifully cured terrace garden in Bundi with hues of green that are a treat to the eyes? The view from the terrace garden is something that will be etched in your mind for a lifetime. It is worth all the toil of reaching this picture postcard location.

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